The Milk Harbour Process Episode 34

Milk Harbour

Episode 34: The Hitchcock Blondes.

In this episode I speak to Jason Allen and Ian Homan. In the mid 2000s, along with Barry Redmond we had a band called The Hitchcock Blondes. In April 2021, nearly 15 years after the band broke up we released an album of our songs. We talk about work ethic, artistic taste, doing right by the song, the importance of chemistry in a band, picking a name, being in the right place at the wrong time and the inevitable break up.

Music used in this episode: Living Life Through Yesterday, The Preacher's Daughter and Falling Down by The Hitchcock Blondes.

The Hitchcock Blondes on Bandcamp:

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Queens of the Stone Age:

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Alice In Chains:

Foo Fighters:

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