Milk Harbour is an ongoing recording project by musician and producer, Anthony Wall. It was originally conceived as series of monthly releases with a podcast to accompany each song.

The music spans several genres including pop, rock, electronica, folk and traditional music and frequently features collaborations with musicians Anthony admires. 

The podcast, The Milk Harbour Process has grown to include guests and collaborators who offer their thoughts on the art and philosophy of making music as well as personal insights into a range of subjects.

Since 2020 the project has yielded a studio album, a live album, numerous singles and nearly forty podcast episodes.

A forth generation musician, Anthony was born in Ireland. He started singing aged six and taught himself guitar as a teenager. Soon he was writing and recording his own music using a four track tape machine and whatever instruments he could get his hands on. In his twenties he played with goth/rock band, The Hitchcock Blondes and fell in love with producing while recording their debut album in his home studio. 

He has had several works published by Universal music which have been used in film, TV, commercials and radio presentations world wide. In 2012 and 2014 he was part of the Emmy award winning crews working on the NBC broadcasts of the London and Sochi Olympic games. 

He lives in Chicago with his wife, the artist Megan Eskoff and their cat, Nora.