The Milk Harbour Process Episode 38

Milk Harbour

Episode 38: Andrew Scheps is a mix engineer and record producer who has worked with everyone from Black Sabbath and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Adele and Lada Gaga. We talk about his lecture, What Comes Out of the Speakers, art vs commerce, the risks in chasing a market, context in art and life, how being a good person is like mixing audio, letting the track inform the mix and analogue vs digital mixing.

Music and whatnot mentioned in this episode:

Andrew on Wikipedia:

What Comes Out Of The Speakers:

Andrew's Podcast:



Black Sabbath:

John Cage:

4'33'' (John Cage track referenced):

Cy Twombly:

Andy Warhol:

Salvador Dali:

Rene Magritte:

The Beach Boys:

Monty Python:

H.R. Giger:

The Beatles:

Blowtorch Records:

My Brightest Diamond:


Gogol Bordello:

Tchad Blake:

Serban Ghenea:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 37

Milk Harbour

Episode 37: Liana Forte

In this episode I talk to Helsinki based artist, Liana Forte aka Vita Linfast. We talk about learning music after she was forced to quit dancing, growing up in Kazakhstan, how singing in different languages effects emotional delivery, learning to not fight the artist inside, the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind, and the importance of spontaneity.

Music and whatnot mentioned in this episode:

Avokado, Me and My God (English and Finnish versions) and Uskon Syli by Liana.

Liana Forte on Spotify:

On Soundcloud:

Her website:

Instagram: @vita.linfast

Kate Bush:



Flying Lotus:


The Smiths:

Bob Dylan:

Machine Mk3:

Garage Band:

Libet Study:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 36

Milk Harbour

Episode 36: Richard Blowes of Blowtorch Records.

I speak with Richard Blowes, owner of independent label, Blowtorch Records. We talk about what he looks for in acts, the importance of authenticity, self promotion, old vs new models of the music industry, learning to listen and the future of guitar based music.

Music and whatnot mentioned in this episode:


Einsturzende Neubauten:

The Fall:


Sex Pistols:

The Teardrop Explodes:

Echo and the Bunnymen:



The Velvet Underground:

The Doors:

Lipps Inc:


Earth Wind and Fire:

The Pogues:

The Smiths:

The Hitchcock Blondes:

Franz Ferdinand:

King Crimson:

Liana Forte:

Thin Lizzy:




My Bloody Valentine:

Richard Hawley:


Nick Drake:

Arctic Monkeys:


Damon Albarn:

Nick Cave:


Paper Tigers:

Joy Division:

Factory Records:

Peter Saville:

The Situationists:

The Durutti Column:

Big Audio Dynamite:

Rage Against the Machine:

Lil Nas X:

John Peel:



The Chemical Brothers:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 34

Milk Harbour

Episode 34: The Hitchcock Blondes.

In this episode I speak to Jason Allen and Ian Homan. In the mid 2000s, along with Barry Redmond we had a band called The Hitchcock Blondes. In April 2021, nearly 15 years after the band broke up we released an album of our songs. We talk about work ethic, artistic taste, doing right by the song, the importance of chemistry in a band, picking a name, being in the right place at the wrong time and the inevitable break up.

Music used in this episode: Living Life Through Yesterday, The Preacher's Daughter and Falling Down by The Hitchcock Blondes.

The Hitchcock Blondes on Bandcamp:

The Hitchcock Blondes on Spotify:

And on YouTube:

Music mentioned in this episode:


Queens of the Stone Age:

Rage Against The Machine:

Alice In Chains:

Foo Fighters:

Blink 182:

The Beatles:

Black Sabbath:


Red Hot Chili Peppers:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 33

Milk Harbour

Episode 33: Leonora Neary

Leonora Neary is an Irish artist and composer based in Sligo. We chat about first steps as an artist, the evolution of style, the pros and cons of art school, not caring what people think, the expectation of artists to defend their own work and Leonora's move into music.

Music in this episode:

Inland Interiors I, II and III by Leonora Neary:

Artists etc. mentioned in the episode:

Leonora Neary:

ISIA Urbino:

Ansel Adams:

Robert Mapplethorpe:

Edgar Degas:

Grievance Studies Affair:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 32

Milk Harbour

Episode 32: Sister Ghost

Shannon D. O'Neill of Sister Ghost chats with me about the women who influenced her as a musician, sexism in the music industry, the importance of honesty in live performance, Girls Rock School and we have a big old rant about social media and PR.

Apologies for the sound on this one.

Music played and mentioned in this podcast:

Sister Ghost on Bandcamp:

Sister Ghost on YouTube:

Heart Shaped:

Alice in Chains:


Green Day:


Verruca Salt:

The Gits:

7 Year Bitch:

Bikini Kill:

Kate Bush:

Neil Young:

Joni Mitchell:

Sonic Youth:

Pearl Jam:

Guns 'N' Roses:


Stone Temple Pilots:

Smashing Pumpkins:

White Zombie:

Babes in Toyland:

Avril Lavigne:

Kelly Clarkson:


Limp Bizkit:

Vanilla Gloom:

September Girls:



Mala Herba:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 30

Milk Harbour

Episode 30: Mala Herba

I speak with Vienna based musician, DJ, producer, sound artist, queer activist and witch, Zosia Hołubowska aka Mala Herba. We talk about the relationship between music and magic, traditional vocal styles, the importance of not adding to people's emotional labor, performance and pageantry and more. Apologies for the glitchy sound on this one.

Music etc. mentioned in this podcast:

Dawaj and Lament by Mala Herba. What We Allow Ourselves to do with the Distance by Zosia Hołubowska.

Mala Herba:

Zosia Hołubowska:

Gothic Bop:

King Crimson:





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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 29

Milk Harbour

Episode 29: Megan Eskoff

Megan Eskoff is an artist and poet from Chicago. We speak about her influences and process, finding the divine in every day, the importance of music in her practice, how art is like marriage and having the courage to take risks.

Artists, writers and musicians mentioned in this episode:

Megan Eskoff:

Claude Monet:

Paul Klee:

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner:

Edvard Munch:

Joan Mitchell:

Cy Twombly:

Wassily Kandinsky:

Henri Matisse:

J.K. Rowling:

Jonathan Safran Foer:

Leila Wilson:

Heather Christle:

Frank O'Hara:

Mary Oliver:

Anne Sexton:

Bob Dylan:

Evelyn Waugh:

George R. R. Martin:

Sebastian Barry:

Colum McCann:

Samuel Beckett:

Virginia Woolf:

Clare-Louise Bennett:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 28

Milk Harbour

Episode 28: Heart Shaped.

I speak with Kendall Bousquet of Heart Shaped. We talk about DIY recording and releasing music on tape, Girls Rock School, gatekeeping vs nurturing interest, Thin Lizzy, work ethic and having compassion for yourself.

Music used and mentioned on this episode:

Dizzy, Second Hand and Sometimes by Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped on Bandcamp:

The Smiths:


Thin Lizzy:

Billy Bragg:

Marine Girls:

7 Year Bitch:

The Gits:

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 26

Milk Harbour

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The Milk Harbour Process Episode 25

Milk Harbour

Episode 25: Naoise Roo.

I talk with the fiercely talented Naoise Roo about creativity. sexuality in music, witchcraft, self confidence, making music videos, how women are depicted in art and more.

Music mentioned in this episode:

Naoise Roo:

Naoise on YouTube:

Depeche Mode:

The Divine Comedy:

Leonard Cohen:


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