The Milk Harbour Process Episode 29

Milk Harbour

Episode 29: Megan Eskoff

Megan Eskoff is an artist and poet from Chicago. We speak about her influences and process, finding the divine in every day, the importance of music in her practice, how art is like marriage and having the courage to take risks.

Artists, writers and musicians mentioned in this episode:

Megan Eskoff:

Claude Monet:

Paul Klee:

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner:

Edvard Munch:

Joan Mitchell:

Cy Twombly:

Wassily Kandinsky:

Henri Matisse:

J.K. Rowling:

Jonathan Safran Foer:

Leila Wilson:

Heather Christle:

Frank O'Hara:

Mary Oliver:

Anne Sexton:

Bob Dylan:

Evelyn Waugh:

George R. R. Martin:

Sebastian Barry:

Colum McCann:

Samuel Beckett:

Virginia Woolf:

Clare-Louise Bennett:

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