The Milk Harbour Process Episode 37

Milk Harbour

Episode 37: Liana Forte

In this episode I talk to Helsinki based artist, Liana Forte aka Vita Linfast. We talk about learning music after she was forced to quit dancing, growing up in Kazakhstan, how singing in different languages effects emotional delivery, learning to not fight the artist inside, the connection between the conscious and unconscious mind, and the importance of spontaneity.

Music and whatnot mentioned in this episode:

Avokado, Me and My God (English and Finnish versions) and Uskon Syli by Liana.

Liana Forte on Spotify:

On Soundcloud:

Her website:

Instagram: @vita.linfast

Kate Bush:



Flying Lotus:


The Smiths:

Bob Dylan:

Machine Mk3:

Garage Band:

Libet Study:

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