From the recording Vol 1

Fretless bass: Dave Carthy.


There seems to be some kind of power at work here.
A magic, comprised of both darkness and light.
Determined to watch us climb inside each other.
The physical flux, the spiritual flight.

And even the tide seem to rise with our tempers.
And fall, when we lie with our limbs intertwined.
Exposing the bark, bleached like bone, with the carving.
The elements bend, the sentiments bind.

Bending in ways that no body should bend see them glisten.
Twisting our bones to unnatural forms hear them crack.
Through terrible silence and terrible rages,
and lions on leashes and devils in cages.
Hold on to me lover we're stronger together hold on.

Joined at the heart the invisible vessel.
Draws blood to the parts of each other we crave.
Healing our wounds and inflaming our passions.
The lunatic sane, the heretic saved.

In rooms left like alters to idolatrous sins.
We worship in secret as desperate twins.