1. The Deal

From the recording Vol 1


I saw damnation in the eyes of a woman,
The devil staring back at me.
She wore a miracle of science, a lyrical alliance,
To every law of decency.
She held a glass of good tequila and her laugh was full of scorn,
The kind of noise you only hear at night.
I swear I saw a hand reach out of her shadow,
Like an insect desperate for the light.

I've got my horns, it's where I hang my halo.
I've got my wings my silver tongue.
I've got my bible, held in my idle hands.
Just the same as everyone.

Then came a man full of fancy talk and swagger.
A shepherd in the market for a flock.
He had the good book and a pistol, a look as clear as crystal,
As steady as the ticking of a clock.
He held everybody hostage and his will was iron clad,
The kind of friend you look for in a fight.
I swear I saw him make a deal with the devil,
Like some bad wrong had just been put right.

Last time I saw them they were living in Manhattan,
In an alley backing on to saint mark's place.
Her arms were full of needles, he was walking with a cane,
And couldn't wipe the smile off of his face.
And in the evening when they'd made their daily rounds,
Their appetites completely satisfied,
They'd come together, underneath whichever sky they saw,
Dividing up the souls they had acquired.


I find salvation in the eyes of every stranger.
I give my heart to all my soul to none.
Ya see I way to bad for heaven,
And far too good for hell,
So I'm gonna stick around and have some fun.
Oh, yeah!