From the recording Vol 1


The snow is so cold
and I can hear a church bell.
I'm a hundred miles from home
and it's darker every step.

I hear a voice in my ear
as the wind moves through me.
A promise I followed here
like a frozen fool.

Skin as white as the snow,
hair as dark as dusk.
Eyes that showed her soul
willing me to trust her.

Calling out from the dark
I stumble over my thoughts.
Get me out of the dark
and into her arms.

I don't know you sister,
like I feel that I should.
There's blood in my eyes
and tears in my blood.

I can't shout anymore,
my voice is frozen.
I can't walk anymore,
I couldn't feel a kiss.

The night is so cold
covers me like a blanket.
I fell by the road
and that's where they'll find me.