From the recording The Killing Floor

Bass: Sebastiaan Elsenberg


The Killing Floor.


I heard they wrote a book about you.
It’s called the lies we tell ourselves.
And it’s a real page turner.
From the beginning to the bitter end.
They’re calling it a triumph.
All dressed in rags.


Line them all up.
On the killing floor of night.
Those who only cry in dreams.
Chaos and entropy.
Decadence and downfall.
On the killing floor tonight.
On the killing floor.


For people like you.
Time is a prison that you can’t escape.
While you’re shaking of the digital.
While you’re shaking from your last mistake.
It’s time to stop running.
And face the facts.

Repeat chorus.


To those of you who’ve come here looking for answers.
And those of you who came to look for love.
Look to each other, look to yourselves!
Because there’s nothing here but hunger.
Nothing at all.
The end.

Repeat chorus x2